About Us!

My name is Nancy Alexander. I have always had dogs in my life. As something of an introvert, I have found the comfort and connection to dogs an integral part of my being.  It wasn’t long after I started life on my own, that I started helping dogs that crossed my path.

I am not a rescue; I am not a lot of things. What I am is someone who gives a hand, then forms a  bond, and commits to that bond for the long haul. I am a foster Mom failure – I almost always adopt my new friends, or keep those that come to me. I have lived with 25 dogs through the years since 1979 – usually in groups of 6 to 10. With the exception of losing 2 to cancer way too young, I am happy to say that all have lived full, long lives.

My dogs make me laugh, they make me scream, they make me cry, they comfort me, they keep me warm, they keep my house in an uproar, they generate dirt and dust, they generate things that nice people don’t talk about … but mostly they amaze me. Dogs are steadfast and generous with their support. They are forgiving of our weaknesses. They have endless ability and patience to share their lessons of trust, dedication and balance.
We form a unit – an unorthodox family of sorts. As a “pack” – we want to share our laughter, our dirt, our lessons, and our joy with you.