Summer Days …

Sometimes the best way to do things is to just do them.  I was going to introduce you to the gang, one at a time … letting them each tell you their tale.  But the humidity lifted on central Virginia … and the sun is shining … the grass is green … and everybody tried on their new scarves that I made them!  We went outside to give our new look a go, and this is how it went!

Daisy (salmon scarf), Snickers (navy), and Emma Louise (olive green), are not sure what this is all about.
Petunia is pensive, but oh so stylish.  She is sister to Emma Louise,  of the olive green.
Yippee-Yap (aka Frankie)  is right at home in his pink fashion statement.
Jackson, the sweetest, kindest boy ever, is not at all sure about this new development.
But sister Maggie makes it not so scary.  She loves her green scarf.


Katie is all enthusiasm no matter the attire.

So now you have met all 8 of my canine family.  We have been together as a group for about 7 years now.  Each coming to me from an unfortunate circumstance that found them in the hands of good people trying to help them find a forever home.  I’m a foster failure on all fronts … but in this case, it is a failure I am honored to accept.   I think it is siesta time around here …

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