Political Pups?

Does it seem to you that there are a lot of people talking and no one listening?  Of course I am alluding to the upcoming elections primarily, but also conversations in general.  Maybe it is the set of the planets, or blowhard egos, or my recent addiction to watching news coverage, but things are out of whack … and even a little frightening.  It isn’t like anybody is going to change anybody else’s mind about anything … so here is a thought … maybe we should just stop talking for a second, a minute … a half hour … and just enjoy some quiet time.

To that end, I headed out to the field with the gang.  Last weekend I was in South Carolina visiting my Mom and watching things fly by the window horizontally as Hurricane Matthew  worked up the coast.  This weekend in Central Virginia was perfect in every way- perfect temp, perfect clear sky … and perfect silence, except for the pounding paws of the pups!

I plopped down in the grass to just be in the moment …

The Gang settled down pretty quickly to join me ... at least those not surveying for deer poop.
The Gang settled down pretty quickly.   Little did I know they were planning to re-enact their version of the recent Town Hall Presidential Debate.
Miss Photogenic Daisy, seemed to think this was a good idea.
Miss Daisy – was getting into character  – practicing her facial expressions.
Yippee is playing an undecided voter.
Yippee was practicing his  undecided but dedicated voter face.

And then it happened, there among the beauty and quiet of a lovely afternoon, Snickers and Daisy put their play acting chops to the test!  Snickers proved a stalwart and nimble Hillary, while Daisy put in an Alec Baldwin-like rendition of Trump.  She did a darn fine job of taking quick jabs and looming over our sturdy little Hillary!  Katie was channeling Pence, and Jackson enters at the last minute with his opinion of sexual harassment, even giving voice to his final comments.   Tunie, Emma and Maggie seemed to represent the segment of the population that just doesn’t care – yipes, that would be 3/8 of my canine population!

Happily Daisy was able to “shake it off” in the end.  No more watching the news and debates for them!*

*Note:  I consider myself an independent voter, although I am a rather opinionated spectator … and a very concerned voter.


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