Daffodils, Dog and Drama

The score around here has not been in our favor this winter.  Could be worse.  Can always be worse.  I am grateful for what does go right.

Like the Daffodils … they are very happy right now.  Cold.  But happy.
Snicker in a bed of Daffy’s a few years ago.  BTW, Daffodil’s are poisonous to dogs.  See below for the skinny on that from the Pet Poison Hotline.*

In other news though …

Freddie Blue, the most wonderful, kind, sweet, loving cat in my world, has a growth on his large intestine that would require seriously invasive, high risk surgery to this 10 year old cat, with a hugh margin for failure.
We discussed it and have decided to keep him comfortable until he isn’t comfortable. I visit with him a lot now.
And Simon Snitz checks on him and keeps him comfy too.

A while back I wrote about the tree hitting the giant power line and causing a fire in my yard.  I moved forward in happy ignorance until last weekend, when I happened to go into the storage room … and find my Invisible Fence system turned to charcoal!  The concrete wall was smoked too.  So the dogs had almost 4 weeks without the not so gentle reminder to not run off … and I knew I was pushing the limit.  Friday the repair guy came out and found that the buried wire was melted throughout the 3 acres and needed to be replaced.  It is a work in progress as he has to come back to bury the new line. In the meantime, I can at least get them out in the field to run off energy.  I am $1,000 poorer for the effort.

Then there is the plumbing problem – the outgoing pipe to the septic system has settled back toward the house.  So that is a $2,000 fix. Great.  At least it works so the need isn’t immediate.

The list goes on and on.  Mr. Trump can tell me all day long how he is helping middle income America, but business is down for me and finding employees is beyond challenging.  I used to think the employee thing was my fault, but it is mantra that runs through any small, and even larger businesses.

Health challenges, lack of zip to do ANYTHING, it just seems that once a downward spiral takes hold, it travels like electricity into every nook and cranny of life.  I never dreamed that this Midwest raised, German blooded soul would ever hit up against the wall of aging and apathy quite so soundly.

So …  on the upside …

Our little foster Lady Bug seems to think she has a home here. And she is most likely correct. She is not the carefree sort, but she is learning.
And speaking of carefree, this is Foxy.  She showed up on a farm I do work on … and she moved in there.  She is 100% joy. she makes me laugh and I love that she comes up to visit me when I am working.
And this is my own sweet Maggie. She is 10 now, and she came from a kill shelter in GA. But Foxy is her mini-me in so many ways!
Maggie in 2008. I swear the Universe sent her and Foxy to show up in the place and time they did to bring all of us who know them a little touch of happy. As long as we have great dogs in our lives, all will somehow be well.
So stop and smell a daffodil in this moment, because the next moment is never promised!

* The Pet Poison Hotline on Daffodils: These flowers contain lycorine, an alkaloid with strong emetic properties (something that triggers vomiting). Crystals are found in the outer layer of the bulbs, similar to hyacinths, which cause severe tissue irritation and secondary drooling. Ingestion of the bulb, plant or flower can cause severe vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and even possible cardiac arrhythmias or respiratory depression. Daffodil ingestions can result in more severe symptoms so if an exposure is witnessed or symptoms are seen, we recommend seeking veterinary care for further supportive care.

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