Introducing My New Store … The Patchwork Dog

On March 18 of this year, my little band of housecleaners and I shut down our cleaning company to protect ourselves and our customers from the spread of COVID-19.  This marked the first time since 1979 that I had significant time to just exist.  We are preparing to crank the business back up on June 15, and I am looking back on three months of down-time and wondering what I accomplished.

I was hoping for order and cleanliness on the home front.  I was hoping to be fit and in control of my next steps.  I was sure that my life would magically transform into a less stressful version.  Not much of that happened.

What did happen, is that I finally focused on starting my dog apparel business.  Right now I am just offering collars and leashes in six colors and three sizes.  Easy, right?  I have been creating and testing prototypes for four years.  I  have only changed the name three times, and had two logos designed.  Not easy, but done.

I invite you, actually I beg you, to take a look at The Patchwork Dog.   (Please open in Chrome. it seems happier that way)  No pressure here to purchase–in fact if you asked me, I would give you product.  What I am asking is that if you look at it, or go to the Facebook page (The Patchwork Dog), please share far and wide!  I will be adding products as time allows — coats, bandannas and harnesses to name a few.

Part of the process included working with a wonderful local photographer, Bryant Cox of  BC Photography.  He takes the animal shelter pictures and I knew he was perfect for this project.  I just gotta share some of the outtakes here.

Standing still is not in Ike’s vocabulary.
Maggie and Jackson are the best brother/sister pair ever!
Jackson and Daisy on a mission.
Snickers favorite tummy rubbing position.
Ike shows off his bandanna, chewed corner and all!

So thank you for stopping by to read this.  Thank you for looking at The Patchwork Dog when you have time.  This is a learn-as-you-go project, so most of all, thank you for being part of our journey.


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