Valentine’s Day 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or if you are in the path of a boodle of winter storms, as we are here in the middle of Virginia, Happy Mud and Melting Snow Day.  Ugh!  Right now it looks like we won’t see sun for another three days.

Yesterday we woke up to about five inches of snow.

It was pretty.
Daisy wasn’t too sure about heading out into the tundra.
Kate and Ace were flummoxed. It has been a while since we had this much snow.
Ike was pretty sure being outside was a terrible idea.  He really wanted to come in the front door.
Maggie and Kate discussed the situation.
And I was thrilled that our regular pathways were covered in white.
That all changed by the end of the day. It didn’t help that it rained ALL day.
And now, Sunday afternoon, my front yard is mud soup.
Seriously, I have 48 dog paws dragging through this every time we go out. 
Happily the troops seem happy to save their energy for another day. Kate and Emma are doing a snooze.
I made a pizza with cauliflower crust yesterday, so I got leftovers, and I may just take a snooze too.

Whatever you do today, stay warm and dry … sunshine is coming!




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