From Fiesta/Siesta to Alexander’s Ark …

If you have visited this blog before today,  you will know that it was known as Fiesta/Siesta.  Well, now it is Alexander’s Ark.  Why?  Because in thinking about what I want to write, and where I want to go … Alexander’s Ark is really more true to who we are and what happens on my little acre of earth.

The definition of an ark (from Merriam-Webster) is “something that affords protection and safety” … and that is the definition of what I have done for many a year with a variety of four-legged fur balls that have crossed my path in need of sanctuary.  My current ark is home to 9 dogs and 2 cats.   We live in harmony and humor, as well as a lot of noise, confusion and dirt!  I wouldn’t want it any other way and I love sharing the antics of my funny little family.  To that end,  I look forward to moving this blog and my Facebook page forward, focusing on all things dog … and maybe a cat story here and there!!

The gang can’t wait to share their adventures!


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