Get up and go …

Black ice in the water tank. 1″ thick today … Friday totally liquid and almost 70 degrees outside!

This has been one of those Sunday’s that never got off the ground for me.  It is too cold to be out, but too sunny and bright to be in.   All those inside projects that I have put off as “winter” projects just seem like more work then I want to take on.  So I have fiddled … all day long … the biggest accomplishments have been to run the dishwasher and to run a load of clothes through the washer and dryer.

At the peak of the warmth … 27 degrees … I decided the best way to motivate myself was to go on and take the dogs out for our daily romp in the field next door.  The idea was a winner with the gang, at least for a while.  The smaller dogs, Ace and Yippee, went back to the comparative warmth of the house pretty quickly.  The balance settled in to enjoy a frozen feast left by unknown critters passing through the field the night before.   Yuck!  I try no to think about what that really means!

Maggie assumes clean-up responsibility under the bird feeders.
Snickers surveys his kingdom …
The gang searches every nook and cranny for unimaginable treats.

Two miles later the shadows started to lengthen and the chill started to seep in, so in we came.  I don’t seem any more motivated then when I started, but at least, as my Grandma used to say “we blew the stink off.”

Happy lazy Sunday to you.  I hope you have a fuzzy buddy or 10 to keep you warm and to get you outside too!!

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