January Gray …

Life is just feeling very gray this January.  It has warmed up … and nothing truly dreadful has happened … so we shouldn’t be so glum around here, but January just holds everything in a state of suspended animation, and we are sort of ready to get on with things, truth be told.

With the absence of any clever thoughts drifting through my head … me and the gang headed out to the field and I tried to take some glam shots.

To set the stage … this is my background.  I lease two acres next door to my house and we spend hours out there.  This shot was a week ago. Gray with a touch of blue.


Snickers and Daisy strike a pose.
Katie takes a break from her favorite activity of poop eating.  Life is good.
Maggie is my hero. She is so kind and she is a rock solid friend.  I love that face.
This is the field behind the field I lease. Snickers and I took a stroll yesterday out there.  Where are you Spring?  Hurry up!
If you go to the highest point in this field, and you look West … you can see the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background.

Today we have rain … we all want to be outside, but the thought of 9 wet dogs tramping through the house … the smell of 9 wet dogs, well, it keeps us rooted to the sofa, holding happy gray memories of yesterday close at hand!

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