The View … from my chair …

The best part of a winter day arrives when my little gang settles in for the evening.  Folks always wonder what nine dogs hanging out in my house looks like.  Well, last night, they where all so tired, I couldn’t resist picking up the phone and taking these pictures.

Ace always sits next to me on the one uncomfortable chair that is my nest.
Jackson sits on the floor on a mat to my left, while sister Maggie claims the hammock bed.  Snickers takes the floor to guard us all.
Emma Louise and Kate claim the child’s bed that I got at Goodwill.  Hint: These make great dog beds if you have the space.
Yippee assumes the most awkward position between the chair and the hassock.  This is his south end.  Looks pretty uncomfortable to me.
And Daisy tries to guilt me out of my chair.
She gives me the stank eye.
And then she accepts her job as keeper of the hassock.

Tunie misses all this, she lounges in a chair on the far end of the room.  No one challenges her position over there.

But the first promise of Spring made an appearance today.  Soon our hibernation will end.   Come on Spring … you can do this!





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