My effort at poetry … on what else …

Briar lived for nap time!

Dogs …

A heavy sigh beside me says that all is well tonight.

Further away, down at the end of the bed – a deep breathe escapes through a black and white muzzle.

Now my sweet baby boy, Jackson, snuggles closer to me.

And next his sister burbles a note of contentment from the floor.

The others twitch or stretch … all in sweet slumber.

Safe, secure, loved.

Comfortable, full, relaxed.

It wasn’t always like this for them.

Alone, afraid, hungry.

Hurt, cold, abandoned.

That is what they came from.  Each with a story of human failure to tell,

And yet trusting me with their future.

Together we are a unit.

Sometimes loud,

Sometimes crazy with energy.

Often muddy.  Always dirty.

We are family.

We move as one.

For whatever time we have together, we are partners on our journey,

our commitment to each other unfailing,

Learning, giving and growing as we go.

Emma is the best snuggle bunny in the bunch.

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