Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Emma Louise and all of us at Alexander’s Ark!

Snickers says Merry Christmas too … and that it was his cute collar before Emma pushed her way into the picture.

And next, we want to introduce Lettie.  She is a sweet senior beagle that is sharing our Christmas this year.  She is available for adoption through the Orange County Animal Shelter, Orange, VA.  She is happiness in a 10 pound body.

It took Lettie all of an hour to settle into her holiday digs.

Not so long story, made even shorter — I run into a guy at the recycling bins every once in a while and we chat.  I ran into him again while we were picking up bird seed at the local “feed and seed” where I buy 50 pounds of dog food every week.  It being the holiday season and all, we debated the merit of several seeds, and then somehow we got onto dogs and I strongly pushed him to foster/adopt for the holidays.  Well, being an advocate of “practice what you preach,” and seeing a request on Facebook for Christmas fosters, I offered, and here is Lettie.

My amazing group of 10 accepted her without so much as a growl.  Even the cat wasn’t concerned about yet another dog.  She is snoring away, even as I type.   I can just imagine what my family would think of me bringing home another dog, but here’s the deal – this is my first Christmas without my mother.  I decided to stay home and not travel this year.  Bringing Lettie in – or any foster –  is like opening the door to a stranger and giving them shelter.  Isn’t that what this season of love is about – sharing what you have with those in a pickle?  And wouldn’t it be nice if we did that more then once a year?

Lettie was dreaming of Santa after a busy day.

We hope you hold on to the Christmas spirit throughout a Happy 2019.

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