The Golden Girls

Every evening, weather and energy willing, my gang heads out to blow off steam in the field I lease next door.   Long story short – there is a run-in shed in the field, and a 100 gallon water tank that is fed by the gutter run-off.  I have left it there for years because the dogs and other wildlife love that “straight from heaven” water.

The other week, when I was peering into the murky depths of said tank, I noticed lots of squiggly things.  Things I didn’t think needed to be hatching there.  On my next trip to the big city, I stopped and purchased 4 gold fish, in the hopes that they would get the squiggly thing problem under control.

Welcome Sophia, Rose, Blanche and Dorothy!
It isn’t easy to tell here – but Rose matches the background of the tank (upper left). Blanche is the 2-toned hot number, Sophia has a white tail, and Dorothy is all gold.
Yippee supervised the transition of the ladies – letting them get used to the water temp before the big release.
And then the ladies were off to their new world.

So far, they seem to be enjoying life in the great out of doors.  Rose is tricky to find, but I have seen her. The other three are pretty easy to spot.   And the squiggly population seems to be declining.  Ah, rural life — gotta love it!!


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