Field Trip!

Another weekend comes to an end.  All eleven of my gang are sacked out after a full day of me being at home puttering here, there and everywhere.  They all have to keep up and it wears them out to not have nap time.

As I was actually running a vacuum, Snickers made it known that he needed some “mommy and me” time.  We both love water, and I had already decided that it was a little to cool to take my first kayak adventure to nearby Lake Orange … so we headed over together to check in for a little adventure.

OK, we are both getting a little to old for adventure … but we can sit and take in the day pretty well still.
Snickers practiced his modeling chops to display a leash and collar ensemble I hope to manufacture some day.
We watched the geese. They were not happy with us.  Snick was unimpressed by them.
He seemed to think the water was warm enough.
He loves playing in water. I tried him on a kayak last year and he jumped off in the middle of the lake!
I can’t wait to see the lake come alive this spring.
And since Snickers got to go to the lake, Katie got to take fill in for him on our evening walk. She loved the attention.

Maybe this seems like a dull day to you … but warm, water, sun and good canine company make me a happy camper.  I hope you got to share your day with a fuzzy buddy!

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