And baby makes … 12?

Do I need another dog?  NO.  Do I need a puppy?  NO and NO.  Do I need to take on one more project.  NO, NO, NO … but, but, but … opportunity had a different plan … and so …

Ike joined our team this weekend!

He is 8 pounds of cuddle and shark teeth, and 100% border collie.  In my 40 years of giving dogs a hand, I have only had 2 that came to me without a serious backstory.  Ike makes number 3.  He is part of a happy, loved, litter friends had.  I had been thinking for the last year or so that if a puppy showed up on my horizon, I would be game.  So the Universe did what the Universe does and here we are … with a 7 week old puppy amongst 11 aging crotchety old dogs and a creaky 62 year old.

In less then 24 hours – Maggie was too tired to argue when Ike snuggled up.

I was a little nervous, to be honest, to introduce this little guy into a pack … he wanted to play and nurse with everyone.  My guys set boundaries, sometimes with a little too much gusto, but he rolls it off – literally, and just heads for another playmate.  He has learned a lot in a very short time … and is already showing signs of his heritage.  He watches everything, he moves the others by nipping heals, and he has that border collie crouch on occasion.  I am a little concerned he will be smarter then me.

He is a meticulous eater … won’t leave a crumb.
But he was so tired, he had to sit to eat tonight.

I may be one of those parents that shows baby pictures to strangers in the grocery store.  What can I say.  He already has my heart – I can’t say that the others feel that way, but happily we have an unlimited amount of heart around here.



  1. OMG, he’s adorable!!! What’s his name? I love the pix of him and Maggie! Too sweet…thanks for sharing! Hugs


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