The Puppy Report …

Bringing a puppy into the middle of a pack of opinionated oldies has been quite an adventure!  As always, my gang surprised me and has shown me how much generosity and open-heartedness dogs harbor.

They also don’t mind blasting Ike when his little puppy teeth crunch down on a wagging tail or a moving hind end.  He has no filter on what is appropriate to grab – and the troops have little filter on how loudly or sternly they issue a cease and desist order.  Ike happily rolls away from the reprimand and in seconds is on to the next movement that catches his eye.  He doesn’t hold a grudge … he doesn’t take it personally, he just regroups and thunders on.

Lettie’s tail is his very favorite target.  He is on the move.
And here comes the defense!

He takes great issue with the whole concept of being confined by a harness and leash.  I have been warned that Border Collies are sensitive and really smart … and boy is he teaching me that the hard way.  He hates the harness going over his head.  He hates car rides.

And by the time we got to the vet for his shots, we had a standoff in the waiting room.  Happily I can still pick him up, but clearly I need a new training plan.
My wonderful vet and his tech were very kind and gentle, but he completely shut down. He barfed his displeasure on the ride home, but sprang right back as soon as he saw his peeps.

Knowing that the boy will do anything for food (I know that feeling), I switched up my thought process, found him a harness that doesn’t fit over his head, and went to work.

Step one, get the harness on … and into shut down mode with sad puppy eyes we go.
“How do you expect me to move in this thing?  I hate you.  Have you got treats?”

Tonight I added the leash and I enlisted Snickers and Emma to lead the way out into the field.  Victory!  Between the treats and his buddies, we actually took a little walk … with tail wagging.

Periodically down he went. He got a treat, I set him on his feet and said “reset” and off we went again!  Progress.
On the move with Aunt Emma Louise …

Bringing up puppy – even with 11 babysitters helping – is not for sissies, but what a joy!

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  1. Too adorable! What’s puppy’s name? I love your puppy reports! Hope all’s well in your world …mine’s nutz, as usual! Be well and have a great week! Hugs, Lee


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