July 4th around the Ark …

I hope you are basking in happy memories of whatever July 4th festivities you enjoyed.  Over the years, July 4th has become my “Ides of March,” so I approach this time of year with care.

This year I decided to just focus on doing things I enjoyed for the four days I had off.  No reflection on past experiences, no dip in the pity pool — just being and doing the things I wanted to do.  I set my path to write, clean/de-clutter, work in the yard, and spend time with the doggies.  I sort of hit the mark on everything but the cleaning thing!

Lady Bug had her 3rd hernia surgery on July 3rd and she is less then thrilled … but she is on the mend and I think she was glad I was around so much.
Lettie was just glad to hang out. ( I can’t seem to get one doggie to stand still for a picture these days.)
Ike wanted to help garden. At least he was sort of still for a minute.
My daylilies put on their annual show … they mostly stand still for me.
This is my all time fav and has moved with me since 1990.
Here is my chaotic kitchen garden.
I paddled a bit … trying to figure out how a burned out 62 year old can leverage a love of dogs into a living …
The week prior, my sister came up from Florida and we went to the Shenandoah National Park.

So over the last week — I hit all my happy spots.  The doggies all came through safe and sound.  Tomorrow it is back to reality … but I am working to figure things out and move forward — and Ike is learning to catch a ball and return it … young and old – trying to learn new tricks!





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