River Time …

It hasn’t rained here for a month now, which means things are pretty crispy … but it also means the Rapidan River is slowing down.   On top of that, the humidity lifted and the temperature dropped under 90, so off we went to introduce Ike to water.

Snickers and I took Ike on Saturday. Snickers always loves the water.  He spent a fair bit of his time entertaining that little boy that he just met, and shaking water onto those nice folk’s picnic gear.
Ike, on the other hand, wrapped himself around my leg and wondered what this was about.
But he got the hang of it.
Snickers went on a paw-paw hunt when we finished.
Since it was so lovely, we went back today, only this time I brought Emma because I wanted to walk and Snickers can’t go that distance anymore.  We walked across the river and walked about 3 miles on the river trail.  (It was so bright out that it was hard to capture the day — but it really looked like this – almost magical and glowing)
Then we cooled out jets in the water.  Ike thought this rock looked like a good place to …
watch the water go by.
What a boy — five months old this week and already a rock warrior.

Summer is starting to come to a close.  School starts here tomorrow, and the leaves have started to fall, the dark falls faster too.  I am sad to see it start to trickle away, but new seasons will bring new adventures with all my friends, both young and old.

Cheers to summer and good dogs!

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