The Last Gasp of Summer …

It is still August, but the feel of fall arrived here in central Virginia this weekend.  I tried to grab a hold of summer and hang on tight, but something about the approaching season change made me reflective.

I took a little spin around Lake Orange by kayak first thing this morning – that is 11:30 to me.  Wish I could get one of the dogs to go with me, but nobody in my 4-legged family thinks that is a good idea …


what a pretty day on the water they missed.  My parents loved the water and we spent a lot of time on it growing up.  To reconnect with water, even in this small way, has become an important part of my life.  Turns out this is pretty much my church right here.
But my parents also gave us kids a healthy dose of the out of doors.  An evening walk was often part of our day, and I carry that tradition forward without even thinking about it.  After I walked all 12 dogs in the next door field this evening, Emma, Ike and I went on a little walk, just the 3 of us.  This gravel road runs behind my house.
Ike wrapped himself around my leg … he is such a homebody, he doesn’t see any point to taking a walk, but he is a great walking buddy so hopefully he will get in the spirit.
How could he not want to hold on to every last minute of green … it is starting to change fast.  And life changes so fast too.  My parents are both gone now.  My mom could always find shapes in clouds – she would have had plenty to choose from today.  My dad would have loved a boat trip and a good view of the countryside, all in the same day!

I hope you get outdoors every minute that you can.  I hope you have a 4-legged companion to join you.  A dog will help you open a door to the great outside and new adventure, if you will give him a chance …. unless you have Ike, who would just as soon sit on the sofa!





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