New Years Day 2020

With no help from me, 2019 slipped into history and 2020 arrived with the promise of another new start for all of us.  I am glad to see 2019 go.  I am glad the hoopla of the holidays is over – I failed miserably at the whole thing this year, truth be told.   But today, January 1, we can choose to roll forward into a new year with positive intentions that this will be the “best year ever.”

A friend once told me that whatever you do on January 1, you will be doing next year.  He was a woodchuck – so he made sure to cut some wood every New Year’s Day.  I decided to follow suit today — so I did some sewing for my dog apparel business that I am determined to open this year.  Then I took all twelve dogs for a mile walk in the field next door, and after that, Emma Louise and Ike and I launched out on a four and a half mile walk.

Emma Louise loves to roll in the crispy, dry grass.
Ike couldn’t wait to get off lead and explore.
We went over to the neighboring farm, where I used to be the housekeeper and gardener. It was a beautiful day. I walked in fields I haven’t seen in several years.
This is my favorite creek …
where Ike and Em got their toes wet.
We met this tree – with a unique growth – I think it is fairy rest stop.
And after almost 5 miles, we decided we needed to head home to get the traditional New Year’s Day German pork and sauerkraut cooking.

I usual write a letter to the Universe on New Year’s.  I usually try to set some new intentions, and thank the Universe for the good things.  None of that happened.  I guess I will be winging it this year – I am hoping that 2020 will bless me with some 20/20 vision to find my way beyond a difficult 2019.

I hope 2020 will bring you answers if you seek them, joy and happiness if you have been missing them, and the love of a good dog (or cat or guinea pig or any companion animal you wish for) – which you will find at a local shelter, if you don’t have one!


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