Thanksgiving Respite without Resolution …

Hello friends.  I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.  I took the four days to do some reflecting  and some projecting.  A thankful four day respite from the world, which involved examining my recent past, opening up a few old dreams, and trying to temper the whole pile of mush with some reality.  I was hoping that by Sunday afternoon … right about now … I would have a plan for tomorrow that would leave me energized and excited.

Daisy has been supportive and optimistic about the whole project.

Well … not so fast there, pilgrim.  I am still weary.  I am still overwhelmed.  I am still unsure of the road ahead.  But the road is rushing to meet me even as I try to hold every ticking second in my hand.

Eight years ago, I took a walking meditation to try to figure things out, and this voice came into my head and said “WRITE” … so I started to take this lifelong calling more seriously.  Then four years ago, I took another meditative walk and that ethereal voice said “DOG COATS”  – and I said “Really?  That is what you got for me?” But I took it to heart and I started designing dog coats and collars and leashes.  They are sitting in a plastic bin while I focus on making a living as a cleaning lady.

I never really thought I would “retire” in the traditional sense.  I just sort of thought I would drop dead as a cleaning lady and that would be that.  I didn’t account for the time that my body would break down and my patience would evaporate and those ideas of writing and making dog coats would seep into my bloodstream.  I thought wrong.  All that happened, and now I am trying to figure out how to make a living out of writing and dog coats!

Daisy and Ike are visiting the Golden Girls to discuss our situation. Fish always have the answer, right?

I just sent a draft of a memoir about the 28 dogs I have shared almost 60 years with to my writing coach and now editor.  I finished a couple of those dog coats I started a few years ago, and I have a pile of fabric sitting here waiting to materialize into all manner of doggy fashion wear.  Do I just take the leap?  It seems so unrealistic.

Maggie is pretty sure our book is going to be a smash hit …

Years ago, a dear friend had a saying “Jump and the net will appear.”  I have applied that theory a number of times – leaving a job I loved to start my own business, taking on projects that were way above my perceived skill set, committing to things I had no clue how I was going to make happen –and each and every time, the net did indeed appear, but the stakes suddenly seem higher with age.  Nobody is much interested in hiring seniors these days should this crazy dream fail, especially seniors with 12 dogs in tow!

Ike is pretty sure he can protect me from all things scary – especially the neighbor’s fire-breathing dragon horses on the horizon.  Ah, the optimism of youth.

I will keep looking for answers.  My appeals to the Universe seem eerily quiet.  Perhaps it/He/whoever is waiting for me to trust and take the leap.  Thank you for reading this far into my exercise on trying to distill my answers through my writing.  If you have ideas, or a dog in need of a coat, leash or collar, I invite you to respond!  No really — I have some sample collars and leashes that I would love to gift to you for product feedback.

The gang is at the ready to start modeling careers.  Ace is already sporting Land’s End!

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