Could it be Spring?

There was a vague promise that the miracle of spring might be on the way, so the troops headed out to the field to soak in some hope.  It was sort of warm, and sort of dry, and the wind wasn’t howling, and it wasn’t dark at 4:30 — so it was a good day to take the camera along.

Lettie, the newest member on our Ark, was loving a good roll in the grass.
Snickers, our most senior member, took it all in …
Yippee, our exuberant little cheerleader, was keeping track of everyone.
Katie took a break from poop pile patrol – her favorite thing ever.
Maggie, Jackson, Daisy and Lady Bug investigated every blade of grass.  Katie is over there in the background.
Ace was helping Yippee on surveillance.
And not a single one of them would look at the camera!
Finally, Daisy gave me her version of a doggie smile.  Lady Bug refuses to look at a camera, ever – she thinks it is going to bite her, I think.

That is the news from Orange, Virginia!  Hope you have a dog or 11 to bring you a smile — if not, there is one just waiting for you at a local shelter … really … get going … now …




    • 🙂 We are always happy to share our adventures in the field with any brave souls that don’t mind a little dirt … and deer poop! Come on out!!


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