Winning the Lottery!

I believe, in every atom of my being, that I am going to win the lottery.  As I buy that number every week, I blossom with hope that I can transform my station in life – never again to worry about that all powerful drive to meet my financial obligations.

But alas, another Sunday has passed without success … and tomorrow I will be headed out to chase my dinner once again.

And while I wait for that magical day, I realized this weekend that in so many ways, I hit the lottery a long time ago.

I have the sweetest old beagle in the world living with me. Here she hitched a ride in the dog mobile because it was too hot for her to walk.
I get to hang out in a lovely field next door to me with all my fuzzy buddies.
Every single weekend this summer — since March really, I have spent at least an hour paddling around on the 125 acre fishing preserve in Orange County.
And this morning, the Bald Eagle that is sitting at the tippy top of this tree flew all around me …
And I spotted this Blue Heron on the shore …
And way up there in the middle of the picture are 10 Canadian Geese taking a nap.
And later in the day, I took a hike and I found this Hellebore … that must have been seeded from the main garden of the estate (about a mile away from this plant) whose property I was walking on – gardens that I used to care for.  I don’t think this is native — it was like a sign from the farm that I mattered somehow — that my work there many years ago made a difference.
Wise Emma Louise joined me on the hike. I swear she holds the wisdom of the world in those eyes.
And sweet baby Ike, who now seems really grown up, was the perfect off-lead companion … and he even enjoyed the water.
Maybe winning doesn’t have to come with a pile of money.  I felt like I won by being able to be out and enjoy being a part of my surroundings.

That I can walk a mile and a half out my drive and land in a creek with the dogs, and drive fifteen minutes to paddle in peace for a while — well, there are a lot of things I am not happy with in my life … but I am beyond blessed to have these options.

I hope there is a dog waiting for you and a path for you to follow that brings you peace, joy and harmony.  I think we all need to grab some of that in our travels.  God Speed to you!

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